The world we are livng right now

The world we are living right now

Beautiful dresses,branded stuffs and expensive dinner are all it is about
Cover up with a perfect smile to show the world an "existence"
The world that's only visible when you have money
The world which only accept you when you can spend money for the things you don't need,only to satisfy people
The world that only look at you in your bright days and leave you in your dark

The world seems to forget how to live in peace and simplicity and warmth
How to respect other people without looking at their background
Ironic,to live in the simplicity today,we must first dive in this hypocrite world


Surprise box

Hey 😊
I just reread the posts,sth i do randomly and i thought back
Somehow i read about how i get closer to a friend who hv the same hobby as mine and how happy i was when i hv her.well,we re still that bestie besties best friend like old times,difference is we re now having more ppl around 😁
But that reminds me of how life could change.
Present,you know i am in a relationship with someone.the one which made my day?
Relationship are just so funny.you dunno each other before,but then you get to know them.and before you realize,they become your day and night.
Idk,but for me,once my heart is engaged,it's kinda hard for me not to think of that particular person.
It's like..they are your strength and weakness.love does have power isnt it?
He is someone who hv taken my sense away.if i were to describe him,he is like a surprise box.a moment you think you re doomed (or mad) but suddenly it turns out his mood are better than mine.i lost😩not for once but often!hahha
I kinda lost the conclusion too
So bye